Thursday, 27 January 2011

Orange & Lemon

Camera Canon 1D
Lens 100mm f2.8 Macro
Focal length 100mm
Exposure 3 sec @ f22
ISO 50
Canon 580 EX Flash
Manfrotto Tripod
Flash meter

This photo was shot on a table top setup additional items as follows
Slice of orange
Plain tumbler with wide opening
Sparkling water (tonic water etc.)
Coloured card for background
White card or paper for base

Position tumbler on top of white card, place slice of orange over edge of tumbler as much as possible to the inside. Position  tripod and camera to frame as above. Fill tumbler with sparkling water until level is above top of shot. Position coloured card at least 18" behind tumbler, and setup flash to light card. Hold flash meter at back of tumbler pointing towards coloured card, and take reading. Set camera to manual and use reading taken by meter, remember your sinc speed.
Bubbles in tumbler should have settled by now, if you require more bubbles use a straw to gently blow into the bottom of tumbler.

Setup and method for this photo is the same as the photo of the orange, just changed to a slice of lemon.


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