Friday, 26 February 2010

Storm Comming


As promised the answer to why the beaches are deserted.

They are lovely to look at. Beautiful to stroll along. Paceful to sit on, and all you can hear is the waves lapping on the shore.

Why are they empty ?
The weather can change frequently during the day, and often does.
The air temperature is usually in the mid to high teens, 20c plus is verging on a heatwave.
Lastly the sea temperature, although it originated in the Gulf of Mexico, has somewhat cooled to around 10 to 15c.

All these points raised, personally I still find that I am drawn here and would hate to see these islands invaded with tourists.

Camera Canon 350D
Lens Tamron 18-200mm
Focal length 32mm
Exposure 1/60th sec @ f11
ISO 100


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